At BTE, our engineers have the knowledge to develop your ideas

001.jpg;into a reality. We have 15 engineers who have injection mold expertise and can assist with your design to create a manufacturable product.

We pay great attention to your specifications and project details and provide a design that is moldable. That it is, we can guarantee it will produce quality parts in faster cycle times. Our product development team knows what goes into a perfect mold and will make sure it produces quality plastic parts.

Before the start of mold build, we supply our Customer a DFM report for approval. By providing a DFM report, we are able to make sure our injection mold design will fulfill our customer's needs.

Mold flow simulation is also a crucial part of our engineering and producing molded plastics. Molded products always have a simulation done before producing a prototype, as this increases the chances of a successful product. With advances in technology, our in-house engineering team is able to easily provide the simulation at an early stage in the design process. This step offers numerous benefits in addition to ensuring the product meets all requirements.


  • Steel
  • Hot Runner
    Hot RunnerHot RunnerHot RunnerHot RunnerHot Runner
  • Cylinder & Sensor
    Cylinder & SensorCylinder & SensorCylinder & SensorCylinder & SensorCylinder & Sensor
  • Standard Parts
    Standard PartsStandard PartsStandard PartsStandard PartsStandard PartsStandard PartsStandard PartsStandard PartsStandard Parts


We will work with you using our proven in-depth process below



  • Cost Savings

    Since we specialize in prototype and low volume we are able to give you better pricing.

  • Knowledge

    With expertise from experience, BTE knows how to properly build a plastic injection mold in a scientific way for you that will last.

  • Speed

    Advanced facilities with 7x24 operations to meet your requirements. We cut weeks off normal lead times.

  • Quality

    We truly believe details matter. Quality is assured and controlled during each manufacturing process but not in the last step.