The mold is the essential component in producing quality05.jpg    plastic parts over many cycles. When we are responsible for the design and construction of a new mold, we use high quality components to ensure maximum tool life. And, because molds can be very complex, we inform you early on of industry best practices related to effective mold design and longevity. Our best-in-class, in-house tool maintenance program includes inspection, cleaning and appropriate storage, so that every mold is always ready for its next run and achieves maximum longevity.

We are able to save or customers both time and money by providing aluminum and soft steel plastic injection molds for prototype and low volume projects. By using aluminum or a soft steel for the mold instead of a hard steel tool for prototype or low volume projects we can save up to 50% off your tooling cost. Not only is it less expensive, but by choosing aluminum your machine time will also be cut in half which means shorter lead times. With aluminum/soft steel molds you can even get production quantities on simple designs. Also MUD and 3D printing technology is used at BTE to save time for those small plastic components.

Maximum to 15 tons

50 sets of molds per month

Complete In-House Mold-Making Facility


  • Steel
  • Hot Runner
    Hot RunnerHot RunnerHot RunnerHot RunnerHot Runner
  • Cylinder & Sensor
    Cylinder & SensorCylinder & SensorCylinder & SensorCylinder & SensorCylinder & Sensor
  • Standard Parts
    Standard PartsStandard PartsStandard PartsStandard PartsStandard PartsStandard PartsStandard PartsStandard PartsStandard Parts


We will work with you using our proven in-depth process below



  • Cost Savings

    Since we specialize in prototype and low volume we are able to give you better pricing.

  • Knowledge

    With expertise from experience, BTE knows how to properly build a plastic injection mold in a scientific way for you that will last.

  • Speed

    Advanced facilities with 7x24 operations to meet your requirements. We cut weeks off normal lead times.

  • Quality

    We truly believe details matter. Quality is assured and controlled during each manufacturing process but not in the last step.