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About BTE Mold & Engineering

BTE Mold & Engineering is a professional mold manufacturer which specializes in supplying high quality molds and  plastic products. Our commitment to offering customers high quality, on time delivery, competitive pricing and services has earned us the reputation of a superior injection tooling provider and reliable long-term partner.

We take our responsibility seriously, always pushing ourselves to optimize manufacture process and improve our services, ensuring the highest level of precision and quality in critical applications where performance matters most.

Communication is the Key to Manufacturing Efficiency

Stellar design and meticulous customer service are important benefits for manufacturing customers, such as those who depend on BTE as a manufacturing partner.


Mold Standards & Classifications

The following classifications are guidelines to be used in obtaining quotations and placing orders for uniform types of molds.


3D Printed Injection Molds Significantly Improve Cost and Production

With 3D Printing technology, we are able to produce prototype parts in the final material for testing, 40% faster than before.

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We will work with you using our proven in-depth process below



  • Cost Savings

    Since we specialize in prototype and low volume we are able to give you better pricing.

  • Knowledge

    With expertise from experience, BTE knows how to properly build a plastic injection mold in a scientific way for you that will last.

  • Speed

    Advanced facilities with 7x24 operations to meet your requirements. We cut weeks off normal lead times.

  • Quality

    We truly believe details matter. Quality is assured and controlled during each manufacturing process but not in the last step.