Communication is the Key to Manufacturing Efficiency

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manufacturing customers, such as those who depend on BTE as a manufacturing partner. However, efficiency of process is a quality many customers value most. Inefficient processes can mean losses of both time and money. Even if you have a perfect design, an inefficient process can lead to the failure of your project. BTE has cultivated and maintained a high level of efficiency through several channels, and today we are known for it as much as for design and customer service. Among other important aspects of our production processes, we have discovered strong communication—both verbally or through production documents—is one of the most critical skills to keep production efficient.

To make sure we remain as efficient as possible for our customers, we continually look back at processes we have in place to make sure no stone goes unturned in the search for efficiency. In many cases, we find ways to automate or eliminate manual processes. Then, when we identify an opportunity for better efficiency, including options for automation, it’s vital to clearly communicate with all parties to make sure everyone understands and changes are made to improve the process.

For example, recently, in the course of examining one of our secondary operations process, we discovered some process criteria were unclear to operators. Once we discussed these issues using classic communications principles, and completed retraining, the operators were better able complete the secondary operation, and products were assembled faster than ever. That same process, which was once an under-performer, has recently exceeded expectations.

How did we get from under performing to exceeding expectations? Through daily communication with management personnel and operators. We discussed output and made a daily graph to show how we performed against goals and expectations. We also openly discussed ways to improve product flow and process execution. With these meetings and lots of contribution from the team, we were able to make improvements that helped us perform more efficiently than anyone expected.

Communication is critical to help us maintain aggressive timelines, keep costs to a minimum, and boost manufacturing efficiency to deliver competitive prices and deliver on time. We live and work in an ever-evolving, increasingly demanding industry, so the more informed and creative our processes, the more efficient we can be to help our customers reach their goals. 


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    Since we specialize in prototype and low volume we are able to give you better pricing.

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    We truly believe details matter. Quality is assured and controlled during each manufacturing process but not in the last step.