Our Vision

To be recognised as a leading  tooling, plastics injection moulding with decorative finishing processes and precision assembly company supplying to the Global market. 

5 Pillars of Excellence

> On-time delivery for both external and internal customers  

> Pro-quality mindset to the extent of doing right the first time, every time with no rework  

> Waste reduction attitude in time, cost, manpower and other resources  

> Continuous improvement culture through new work processes and new technologies  

> Strong teamwork and co-operation spirit among workers, sections, departments.


We will work with you using our proven in-depth process below



  • Cost Savings

    Since we specialize in prototype and low volume we are able to give you better pricing.

  • Knowledge

    With expertise from experience, BTE knows how to properly build a plastic injection mold in a scientific way for you that will last.

  • Speed

    Advanced facilities with 7x24 operations to meet your requirements. We cut weeks off normal lead times.

  • Quality

    We truly believe details matter. Quality is assured and controlled during each manufacturing process but not in the last step.